In a 2005 survey, Israel was ranked among the most attractive places worldwide for outsourcing. Last year The Economist ranked Israel in the top 20, and Red Herring magazine dubbed Jerusalem a "new hot spot" for outsourcing.

Why You Should Outsource Your
Business Needs to Israel

Get Top Professionals to Work for You at Big Cost Savings

The number of English-speaking professionals living in Israel is soaring. In fact, North-American aliya is at its highest point in 20 years. Since people who make aliya tend to be highly-driven, above-average workers, you can now take advantage of IsraelHR's educated, skilled, motivated and talented pool of professionals. And of course, when you outsource, you can save nearly half the cost of equivalent talent in the US.

Benefit from Similar Culture and High Work Ethic

No, this is not outsourcing to India. (In fact, firms who once tried outsourcing to India are now turning to Israel.) This is outsourcing to a large group of English-speakers with a higher education (Israel has the largest proportion of college-degree students) and high work ethic. Most importantly, they understand your culture, your values, your mentality – and those are things that can't be taught. Higher education levels and cultural familiarity have proven to make a big difference in customer dealings.

Some Companies who are Outsourcing to Israel:

AOL, Western Union, Sears, OneTel, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, Intel Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, IBM.

Israel: A Source of Diverse Talent and Skill

Immigrants have become a major work resource because they speak a variety of languages that can benefit a host of international companies.

"Israel is in a unique position due to hundreds of thousands of immigrants from around the world," says Eli Kazhdan, former chief of staff for the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade and now a consultant to outsourcing companies in Israel. "This is where Israel has its competitive edge. We are able to cut costs without compromising on quality."

"Israelis have better English language fluency -- especially since so many are US expats or have American parents -- than in other countries; their customs and values are similar to those of US citizens; the infrastructure and security in Israel is much better than in other foreign countries; and Israelis have a high work ethic," says Greg Fern, executive vice president of MyPrepForce, a division of FSO Technologies Inc., based in Westport, CT.